Turret Winder for end 0f line production

Turret Winder for end of line production was recently supplied and specifically designed by CM Machinery to a UK specialist paper manufacturing company.

The turret winder is designed to rewind the product web at its exit from the production line and provide automatic roll changeover for continuous running.

The machine uses speed monitoring for synchronisation and to ensure accurate web tension control. The supplied equipment included up-line feed rollers with dancer roller to control the web tension within the production line.

A secondary tension monitoring roller was also provided to allow the winding tension to be isolated from the production line web tension.

The machine handles a wide range of tension sensitive products.

Machine Functions

  • Positioned at the exit of production process
  • Controls the web tension within the production line
  • Isolated production tension from the winding process
  • Facility to wind product with taper or constant tension
  • Automatic roll change and splice over at roll completion
  • Fully protected winding zone for operator safety

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