Plastic Extrusions & Composites

Slitter / Turret Winder: Series W375-P10162018-08-20T14:08:35+00:00
Protective Film Unwind: Series W325-P8572018-08-20T14:07:57+00:00
Inline Shaft-less Turret Winder: Series W300-P9842018-08-20T14:06:47+00:00
In-Line Trim / Slit Station: Series TS275-P9572018-08-15T12:02:39+00:00
Off-Line Slitter with Centre / Surface Winding Station: Series TS250-P10482018-08-15T15:37:37+00:00
Slitting / Winding Machine for Plastic / Natural Wood Edging Strips: Series TS250-P8202018-08-15T15:39:49+00:00
Accumulator machine for entry to processing line: Series A400-P10552018-08-28T12:19:25+00:00
In-line rotary saw trimming / slitting station for extruded plastic sheet line: Series TS200-P12012018-08-15T12:03:14+00:00
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