Turret Winder with Accumulator, Slitter and off-load facility

Turret Winder, Accumulator and Slitter equipment-commissioned in Belgium During the design stage of manufacturing two turret winders and accumulators for Belgian clients; CM Machinery were asked to manufacture another Turret Winder complete with an Accumulator and Slitting section.  In addition, a facility to off-load the completed non-woven web roll was also required and included [...]

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Turret Winders with Web Guiding, Automatic Splicing and Accumulators

Turret Winders, accumulators and ancillary equipment-commissioned in Belgium Following a meeting from visiting Belgian clients to CM Machinery offices and factory, we were asked to provide two turret winders. Each turret winder is complete with automatic splicing and controlled tension. Accumulators and other required features were linked to the turret winders which formed the [...]

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Jumbo Roll Turret Winder and ancillary equipment

Jumbo Roll Turret Winder and ancillary equipment An impressive jumbo roll turret winder was the finishing touch to the ancillary equipment supplied to a UK client in South Wales.  The equipment all manufactured by CM Machinery was positioned and installed immediately at the end of a production extrusion line. The equipment manufactured by CM Machinery [...]

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Edge Trimming Station for Rigid Foam Insulation Boards

Edge Trimming Station for Rigid Foam Insulation Boards Edge Trimming Station for Rigid Foam Insulation Boards recently supplied to multi-national company with a manufacturing base in U.K.  The machine has been specifically designed to edge trim all four sides of the required boards.  The stacked or single boards are conveyed through the machine to trim [...]

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Film Lamination & Winding Equipment installed In-line

Film Lamination  and Winding Equipment specifically designed to install  In-line over an existing production line for a packaging company in Ireland.  Consisting of a steel structure installed over an existing production line and the additional Nip Rollers manufactured and supplied by CM Machinery. The mezzanine area holds the unwind stations for the PE and PET [...]

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Trimming Stations

CM Machinery has recently delivered two Trimming Stations to a UK manufacturer and supplier of wooden venetian window blinds. The machines are designed to cut the blinds to user widths from a variety of stock sizes. The machines cut the slats to pre-selected width. The machine has also the facility to cut the top rail [...]

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Turret Winder for end of production line

Turret Winder for end 0f line production Turret Winder for end of line production was recently supplied and specifically designed by CM Machinery to a UK specialist paper manufacturing company. The turret winder is designed to rewind the product web at its exit from the production line and provide automatic roll changeover for continuous [...]

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In-Line Rotary Saw Cross-Cut on traversing carriage

In-Line Rotary Saw Cross-Cut Another quality and durable in-line cross-cut rotary saw from CM Machinery has recently been delivered and commissioned for our client in the UK. The in-line rotary saw cross-cut machine uses a traversing rotating saw blade which can cut in either direction to give a fast cycle time for the cutting of [...]

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Turret Winder with Web Guiding and Automatic Splicing

Turret Winder with Web Guiding and Automatic Splicing - Installed earlier this year for clients in Europe; CM designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a turret winder complete with web guiding and automatic splicing for continuous feed into the laminating/embossing rollers that were also manufactured by CM Machinery although not shown in this article. The machine was located [...]

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