In-Line Rotary Saw Cross-Cut

Another quality and durable in-line cross-cut rotary saw from CM Machinery has recently been delivered and commissioned for our client in the UK.

The in-line rotary saw cross-cut machine uses a traversing rotating saw blade which can cut in either direction to give a fast cycle time for the cutting of profiled rigid plastic sheeting. The saw is mounted on a travelling carriage which synchronises to the continuously moving product during the cutting cycle.

Machine Functions

  • Positions in-line with existing profile sheeting production equipment
  • Clamps product during cutting to promote clean and straight cutting
  • Cross-cuts to required length without interruption to line feed
  • Rotary blade cuts in both traversing directions
  • Servo driven carriage synchronised to line speed
  • Out-put feed rollers on variable drive and synchronised with line speed
  • Fully enclosed within safety cage with external control system and controls

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