CM Machinery was formed in 1971 to manufacture a range of standard, customised and bespoke machinery and provide engineering services.  The market sectors at this time were primarily packaging, woven and non-woven products.

Through continuous investment in staff and technology the company established its place in the specialised and bespoke machinery market and in 2010 moved to a purpose built factory with a dedicated design office and manufacturing area and focusing on design and supply of  machinery  to process web, sheet and board products.

CM Machinery
CM Machinery

We offer the complete machine supply service from initial assessment of the application, through the design and manufacture of the machinery and onto site commissioning and after sales support.

Examples of machinery and applications are:

  • Flying crosscuts for continuous rigid board
  • Stacking handling of sheet and board products
  • Turret winders, winders for unwinding and re-winding
  • Tension control on difficult web products
  • Cutting to length of sheet products
  • Servo positioning/registration
  • Slitting/winding of web products
  • High speed cross perforation
  • Web folding
  • Heat seal cutting/welding
  • Die cutting of web products
  • New products handling/ manufacture
  • Automation of labour intensive processes
CM Machinery
CM Machinery

The emphasis is always on increased production, improved quality, reliability and reduced costs for customers.

We specialise in the custom design and manufacture of automatic cutting and winding machinery for continuous production products, such as extruded  plastic sheet and film, rigid foam and mineral wool insulation, structural metal sandwich panels, paper, non-wovens, vinyl flooring, conveyor belting, medical washers/flanges as well as other more specialised products.

We offer professional engineers to provide a comprehensive design, commissioning, after sales and spares service world-wide.

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