Project Description

Off Line Band Saw Machine for making angled & longitudinal cuts

Turret winder-Machine Functions:

  • The turret winder provides the facility to feed base web from existing calender to next process with minimum induced tension
  • Provides facility for lamination/embossing of upper decorative film to base web
  • Accommodates quick changeover of upper emboss pattern (limited cycles)
  • Embossing base web on lower surface
  • Unwinds decorative film web from input rolls with controlled tension
  • Turret unwind station allows next input roll to be loaded and made ready
  • Facility for auto splicing of new roll end for continuous running
  • Provides web guiding facility on turret unwind station
  • Has bowed and spreader rollers at entry to lamination station
  • Heated rollers on decorative web
  • Additional electrical heating for base layer
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