Project Description

Design brief:  To design and manufacture, install and commission off-line vertical band-saw capable of cutting rake/acute and longitudinal angles on insulated panels up to 350mm thick x 6m long

Off Line Band Saw Machine for making angled & longitudinal cuts

Machine Functions:

  • 90 degrees crosscut the product using a band saw
  • Facility to produce angled cut across panel
  • Provides facility to produce longitudinal parallel cut
  • Provides facility to rotate blade and hold angle for acute longitudinal cutting
  • Provides facility for servo controlled transverse and longitudinal panel feed during diagonal cutting
  • Facility to park saw at appropriate position for parallel width cutting
  • Powered rollers at entry and exit of machine to feed panel through saw area during cutting.
  • Horizontal roller beds, with ability to be driven are provided each side of machine.
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