Project Description

Multi Axis Gearless Converting Machine

Machine Functions

  • The equipment provides the facility to cross-perforate, slit, die cut, sheet, and fan fold web products in register with a printed mark or image.
  • The cross perforation technology employed was a further development of that used in the company’s Polyethylene Stretch Sleeve Manufacturing Machine.
  • This uses a rotary action perforating cylinder, controlled by servo motor to place cross perforations in register with a printed web, regardless of pitching or running speed.
  • The machine design allows flexibility and speed of set up for high efficiency in short batch runs, and is unrivalled in production speed for short cross perforated products, which are to be continuously wound or folded.
  • This machine can run up to 200 metres / min with product lengths from 50 – 750mm.
  • Other features of the machine include interchangeable sheeting and fan folding modules, which allow the pre-perforated product to be cut to length and stacked, or folded to output stacks, depending on the final product requirements.
  • This technology can be adapted to cover further web product applications.
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