Project Description

Machine Functions – Medical Flanges Converting Machine

    • Unwinds, with controlled tension & alignment, client’s roll stock hydrocolloide material
    • Provides facility for transfer from PET to HDPE backing film
    • Feeds laminated web forward to machine cutting modules
    • Provides two stage rotary cutting facility
    • Winds skeletal web for disposal
    • Discharges medical flanges to output conveyor

    Designed and manufactured in high grade stainless steel to meet clean room medical standards, this machine takes a stock hydrocolloide roll to produce a range of medical flanges.  Unwinding from a cantilevered, brake controlled roller to achieve the required tension and alignment, the hydrocollide roll is feed through a series of controlled nip rollers and into the cutting stations to produce the required medical washers.

    Additional rewinds are fitted to wind the skeletal webs of the hyrocollide material and also the liner PET or HDPE backing films.

     Design Parameters:

    Flange Material:         Client’s Hydrocolloid
    Input Rolls:                  800mm diameter on 150mm inside diameter cores
    Liner Width:                300mm

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