Project Description

Machine Functions: In-line Trim Station for GRP production line

  • Provides facility to slit and trim continuous GRP product being fed down-line
  • Uses motorised circular diamond blades for cutting the product
  • Blades can be set for width, height and angle
  • Facility in place to load guide panel to align product prior to cutter blades
  • Optional water spray unit attached to spray water onto trim blades

This machine was purpose built to be an in-line trim station to trim or slit GRP sheets being fed continuously down-line. Consisting of 4 individually adjustable blades to achieve desired sheet dimensions and located over the GRP sheets.  The blades can be easily adjusted for width, height and angle and has an optional fitting of water spray unit to spray water onto the cutting blades.  The cutting/trim heads are height adjustable with a range of 0-200mm and angle range of 0-60 degrees the machine can work with sheet widths of 1,000 – 1,600 mm. For this machine the wiring is Atex rated to Zone 22

Design Parameter

Product:                       Profiled GRP Sheet 1.0mm thick
Sheet Width:               1000 – 1600mm
Number of Cutters:    4
Blade Diameter:          300mm
Product Pass Height: 1250mm

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