Project Description

Automatic Taping Machine

Machine Functions:

  • The machine is for installation within an existing extrusion line, and is to provide the customer with additional facilities for sizing finished sheet on line
  • The machine is designed to easily integrate into the line
  • The station has a series of motorised trim saws, which are mounted on a tandem support rail arrangement
  • Allows the operators to configure the next stand by set up while the working sheet size is still running
  • It also allows narrow width sheets to be produced using both sets of saws when necessary
  • Each saw head is variable speed and complete with upper and lower dust collection hoods for maximum cleanliness
  • The saws can be adjusted for position from outside the machine frame
  • Full all round guarding is integrated into the machine frame so that additional guarding at the line is not required
  • Designed to be easy relocation with factory
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