Project Description

Facing Unwind Automatic Splice

Machine Functions

  • Provides facility to manufacture hydrocolloid flanges with flush cut or oversized liners
  • This machine has the facility to accept the hydrocolloid fed directly from a mixer / extruder unit
  •  The strip is fed into the machine in continuous strip form
  • Calender rollers are provided to finish the strip to a uniform thickness and provide facility to laminate it to a carrier liner
  • The hydrocolloid strip with carrier is then passed through a two-stage die cutting operation, which allows the surplus hydrocolloid to be returned to the mixer for direct re-cycling
  • An upper cover liner of film/ paper is laminated on prior to the second stage cutter, and finished flanges with oversized outers are produced
  • The machine is suitable for a variety of different flange shapes by means of tooling changes and a system of interchangeable die stations was developed to allow the changeover to be made quickly
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