Project Description

Glass-wool insulation strapping station

Machine Functions

  • In-line machine; collects glass wool insulation in single rolls, with a printed LDPE overwrap, at exit of a wrapping and shrink tunnel stations.
  • Collates the rolls into pairs and feeds the wrapped rolls through a strapping station.
  • Straps rolls into packs of two.
  • Transfers strapped rolls towards a master bagger station.
  • Mobile conveyors are provided to allow area to be cleared for operation of encapsulation line.
  • Supply and integration of strapping station was included in the project

Two horizontal belted conveyors are provided – one at entry to the strapper station and one at the exit.

Each is independently driven by a variable speed electric motor. Speed settings are selectable at the main controls.

Adjustable side guides are provided to hold the rolls central to the strapping station frame.

Sensors are provided on the entry conveyor to stall feed if the previous bundle is not clear.

Sensors are also provided on the exit conveyor to stall feed when the rolls pass through strapping position.


Design Parameters

Product                :                               Glass Wool Insulation in rolls with printed LDPE overwrap.

Roll Diameter:                   500 – 610mm.

Roll Height:                         430mm, 580mm

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