Project Description

Automatic Taping Machine

Machine Functions:

  • Trim Guillotine System comprises of a pair of trim chopping guillotine units and transverse collection and transfer conveyors.
  • The system is suitable for location in-line, after the sheet trimming station. Continuous edge trims are deflected into the guillotines where they are cut into short pieces for ease of handling and onward feed into a granulator unit.
  • The trim pieces are collected on a transverse running conveyor system, which feeds them directly into a granulator unit, without operator intervention.
  • Trims can be recycled back into the main extruder feed stream during the batch run.
  • Units are width adjustable to accommodate different sheet widths.
  • The units are robustly constructed and are suitable for cutting trims up to 200mm wide and up to 25mm thick (15mm polycarbonate) and come complete with their own controls for ease of retrofitting into existing lines.
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