Project Description

Core Tubing Unwinds

Machine Functions

  • The stations are used to pay-off inner cores into the extrusion process for multi cavity telecom ducting
  • The process requires consistent tension control of the unwinding cores, especially when very small diameter lightweight cores are being fed into the extruder head. This is to ensure that breakages or over stretching is avoided
  • Each input core is presented on pre-wound flanged drums. These are mounted on cantilevered centre support shafts, which are independently driven by a variable speed electric motor
  • Each core is fed around its own in-line dancer wheel arrangement, which monitors its tension and provides speed feed-back to allow it to be synchronised to the main line speed
  • Each station has a compact design with dual unwind shafts mounted in a back to back arrangement minimising floor space when running a high number of cores.
  • Drums up to 1000mm outside diameter x 200kg can be accommodated
  • A bespoke loading trolley can be provided for easy removal and reload of core drums.
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