Wound Dressing Converting / Manufacturing Machine

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Project Description

Design brief:  To design and manufacture, install and commission a single automated converting machine, within an allotted factory floor area, to convert/laminate product materials and manufacture multi-layer wound dressings complete with end of line auto pouch packaging in ‘cleanroom’ facility.

Wound Dressing Converting/Manufacturing Machine

Machine Functions:

  • Unwinds input webs under controlled tension
  • Provides facility to rewind release layers as required
  • Unwind non adherent pad/alginate strip at working and stand by unwind stations
  • Provides splicing station for pad/ alginate strip
  • Cuts pad/alginate strip to length and places onto adhesive substrate layer
  • Unwinds and feeds in paper peel off layers
  • Folds one of the peel-off layers to provide lifting tab
  • Cuts dressings to size
  • Unwinds and feeds in pouch paper layers (non-punched)
  • Brings together cut dressing and pouch layers
  • Heat seals edges of pouches with skipped length to provide opening tab
  • Cross seals to complete pouch
  • Cuts pouches to finished sizes
  • Discharges finished product along horizontal conveyor to packing area
  • Provides facility to eject faulty product
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